Your new home is one of the largest investments you’ll ever make and we encourage you to customize your home to meet your family’s needs.

Prior to completing your construction agreement, you will have the opportunity to discuss desired changes with us and the costs of any changes will be determined for you. Once you have made final decisions regarding changes, we will redraft your plans before signing.

It is very important that you give adequate attention to any desired changes prior to the time we obtain your building permit. Once construction commences, implementing changes to plans or specifications becomes very difficult, since we have already ordered materials for your home, and provided our subcontractors and suppliers with copies of your plans and specifications. Experience has also shown that making changes once construction starts is likely to result in mistakes. Nevertheless, we want you to have your home as you would like, and we will be fully cooperative.

In summary, we encourage you to make whatever changes you desire, but urge you to make modification decisions prior to the start of construction. If you do this, it will make our job easier to build your new home the way we would build it for ourselves.

Custom built-ins and crown molding are nothing new to ASB, LLC. If you can dream it, we can build it.