One to two weeks after we’ve signed our agreement and financing is arranged, we’ll be starting actual construction of your new home!

The exact schedule of construction may vary depending upon weather, material deliveries, subcontractor availability and size and complexity of your custom home. However, the schedule we strive to follow during construction is outlined below. This schedule allows us to build your home expeditiously while maintaining excellent quality control!

16-Week Home Building Timeline:

  1. Survey for Home, Dig Basement, Pour Concrete Footers
  2. Basement Walls Poured, Gravel Basement Floor, Install Drain Systems, Ground Plumbing Rough
  3. Backfill Basement, Floor Poured
  4. Frame Walls
  5. Set Trusses or Rafters, Sheath Roof
  6. Shingle Roof, Hang Exterior Doors, Fascia Installed, Measure for Cabinets, Windows Installed, Garage Concrete Floor Poured
  7. 2nd Plumbing Rough, A/C Duct Rough, Electrical Rough, Prewire Phone, Sewer/Water Services Connected, Brick Delivered
  8. Finish Roof, Wall Insulation Installed, Hang Drywall, Brick Continuing
  9. Drywall and Brick Finishing, Garage Door Installed
  10. Ceiling Insulation Installed, Interior Painting, Sidewalks, Drives Constructed
  11. Trim and Interior Doors Installed, Plumbing & Heating Trim Installed
  12. Electrical Fixtures Installed, Final Grade Yard, Final Painting
  13. Landscape Planted, Sod Installed, Power Turned On
  14. Heating & A/C, Electrical & Plumbing Final Check, Mirrors Installed, Touch Up Work
  15. Carpet Installed, Hardware Installed, Final Cleaning
  16. Home complete and ready for occupancy