Homebuyers’ Role

With ASB, you can relax and have confidence in our proven professional ability! In our experience, many people unnecessarily make themselves nervous worrying about possible serious defects or poor quality workmanship. Don’t worry! Our reputation as quality builders results from a number of quality control procedures:

Only quality lumber and other building materials will be used in your home. Throughout your home, you will notice brand names such as Trane, Delta, RWC Warranty, etc.

We employ only highly motivated, skilled subcontractors. They are paid at a rate higher than the prevailing rate; and most have been with us for many years.

During construction we constantly monitor and inspect the progress of your new home. Furthermore, the County Building Inspectors make additional inspections to ensure that all work is in conformance with the International Residential Code (IRC).

We know you will want to inspect your new home during the construction period. We will be glad to meet with you if you want, but PLEASE BE CAREFUL. Remember construction sites can be very dangerous. We welcome any questions you may have because we feel that building your new home should be enjoyable and educational. Approximately 10 days prior to occupancy of your new home, we will conduct a joint inspection with you in an effort to identify all items of a minor nature which should be corrected prior to occupancy.