One of our pledges to you is that our cooperative and professional attitude will not change after you’ve closed and we “have your money.”

Despite our extensive quality control system, some minor problems or defects may occur. Most of these defects will not become apparent until you have lived in your new home.

Approximately 30 days after closing, ASB will mail you a Warranty Review letter prompting the Service After the Sale process. The letter will contain forms for you to record any defects that you discover (such as a sticking door or dripping faucet). We ask that you return these forms to us so that we can take prompt action to resolve deficiencies. After the 30 day list is submitted, additional requests for service can be submitted to us on the forms that are provided 11 months after closing.

We sincerely hope that the building of your home will be fun!! Please do not hesitate to call us if you have any questions.

Again, we appreciate having you as a customer and will do our best to build your new home the way we would build it for ourselves.